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联系人: 张晨旭

当前位置 -> BC体育游戏行业资讯预计短期现货市场无锡去内毛刺焊管价格偏弱调整 发布时间:(2019/2/16)关键词:小口径焊管



14日唐山瑞丰355系列带钢出厂价降50元至3670元,受此影响BC体育游戏BC体育游戏,友发、正大等河北地区主流方管厂出厂价格适度回吐BC体育游戏。随着利好的弱化,黑色系集体回调BC体育游戏,现货市场涨幅也出现明显收窄的情况,市场逐渐回归基本面。就目前而言,市场 仍处于启动前的准备阶段BC体育游戏BC体育游戏,方管厂、下游贸易商以及终端工地并未完全返市BC体育游戏BC体育游戏,尽管开门红拉动市场情绪但实质的交投情况依然较弱,总的来看本轮快涨快跌对市场影响 不大BC体育游戏BC体育游戏。受瑞丰带钢价格下跌影响,今日河北地区大部分管厂出厂报价下调30-60元不等BC体育游戏BC体育游戏。下游市场BC体育游戏BC体育游戏,今日各地区报价普遍报稳,下游贸易商仍在不断返市BC体育游戏,正常 营业仍需初十以后BC体育游戏。春节期间BC体育游戏,方管库存增减并不明显,目前累库不多对行情形成一定支撑BC体育游戏,但后期仍需关注上游开工情况和终端需求的释放情况BC体育游戏,预计短期无锡方管价格偏弱调整。

Tangshan Ruifeng 355 series steel strip factory price dropped 50 yuan to 3670 yuan on the 14th. Affected by this, Youfa, Zhengda and other mainstream square pipe factory factory factory factory factory factory factory factory factory factory price in Hebei Province gave up moderately. With the weakening of the positive, the black sector collective callback, spot market growth has also been significantly narrowed, the market gradually returned to the fundamentals. At present, the market is still in the preparatory stage before the start of the market. Fangguan factories, downstream traders and terminal sites have not fully returned to the market. Although the opening bonus stimulates market sentiment, the actual trading situation is still weak. Generally speaking, the rapid rise and fall of this round has little impact on the market. Influenced by the falling price of Ruifeng strip steel, the quotation of most pipe mills in Hebei Province today has been reduced by 30-60 yuan. In the downstream market, quotations are generally stable in all regions today, and downstream traders are still returning to the market. Normal business still needs to be after the tenth day. During the Spring Festival, the increase and decrease of square pipe inventory is not obvious. At present, the situation of accumulating stores is not enough to support the line. However, in the later period, attention should be paid to the upstream start-up and the release of terminal demand. It is expected that the price of square pipe in Wuxi will be weakly adjusted in the short term.
截至发稿,价格方面:郑州现本地友发新国标产4寸(3.75)价格4900元/吨BC体育游戏,君诚新国标产4寸(3.75mm)价格为4880元/吨BC体育游戏BC体育游戏,天虹(正大)产 4寸(3.75mm)价格为4890元/吨。

Up to submission, price: Zhengzhou current local Youfa new national standard production 4 inches (3.75) price 4900 yuan/ton, Juncheng new national standard production 4 inches (3.75 mm) price 4880 yuan/ton, Tianhong (Zhengda) production 4 inches (3.75 mm) price 4890 yuan/ton.


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