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当前位置 -> BC体育游戏行业资讯预计无锡地区薄壁焊管视成本价格偏弱调整 发布时间:(2019/2/16)关键词:小口径焊管



无锡市场焊管主流报价4寸主流累涨30。市场方面BC体育游戏BC体育游戏,无锡地区开市时间在农历初九到十五左右不等BC体育游戏,贸易商依次随开市开始报价BC体育游戏BC体育游戏,节奏先跟涨100后逐步踏实回落, 整体与节前变动不大BC体育游戏,部分镀锌管资源根据厂家优惠政策收回高50元左右BC体育游戏,6寸等资源紧张规格及华岐等尚未补齐到库,未作出货报价。成交方面BC体育游戏BC体育游戏,开市初期投机 需求势头稍显BC体育游戏,不过未有太多实质成交,个别工地囤货较少,有根据进程提前准备1-2车采购计划BC体育游戏BC体育游戏BC体育游戏BC体育游戏C体育游戏BC体育游戏?獯娣矫鍮C体育游戏BC体育游戏BC体育游戏,本地市场各厂资源相对饱和,节前及目前为止普遍 以2000-4000吨正?獯嫖鰾C体育游戏,初八-初十开市商户有200-300吨协议到货,个别谨慎以1.2月协议合并到货较少BC体育游戏;无锡地区在统计贸易商焊镀管 资源较上周被动增约1.53%BC体育游戏。
Wuxi market welded pipe mainstream quotation 4 inches mainstream increased by 30. On the market side, the opening time of Wuxi area varies from the 9th to the 15th day of the lunar calendar. Traders start quoting with the opening of the market in turn. The rhythm rises first by 100 and then falls steadily. The overall and pre-festival changes are not significant. Some galvanized pipe resources recover about 50 yuan according to the preferential policies of manufacturers. Some resource-intensive specifications such as 6 inches and Huaqi have not yet been filled in the warehouse, and no goods quotation has been made. In terms of transaction, the initial speculative demand momentum is slightly obvious, but there are not too many substantive transactions, and there are fewer stockpiles on individual sites, and 1-2 vehicle procurement plans are prepared in advance according to the process. In terms of inventory, the resources of factories in the local market are relatively saturated, with 2000-4000 tons of normal stock prevailing before and so far, and 200-300 tons of agreement arrived in the first ten days of junior eight-junior ten, with less merger arrival in January and February. In Wuxi, the resources of welded and plated pipes of statistical traders increased by about 1.53% compared with last week. 成本方面,春节期间BC体育游戏,外矿巴西矿难题材已经连涨炒作数日BC体育游戏;国内期现开市第一天BC体育游戏BC体育游戏BC体育游戏,黑色系涨停,昌黎主导钢坯厂现货拉涨80,唐山小窄带解除锁价涨100,河北 瑞丰等带钢指导价含税上调200执行3950元BC体育游戏;而随即高价接货意愿不足BC体育游戏,在焊镀管厂商未正式开工参与的情况下,价格逐步回落与节前变动不大BC体育游戏BC体育游戏,部分镀锌管 优惠政策节后收回BC体育游戏BC体育游戏。截至目前,坯料部分出厂价格3450BC体育游戏;唐山瑞丰355mm系列带钢出厂3620;天津友发新国标产4寸(3.75mm)焊管报3960 元BC体育游戏BC体育游戏,与节前价格持平。
In terms of cost, during the Spring Festival, Brazilian mining difficult topics have been speculated for several days; on the first day of the opening of the domestic market, the black line is up and down, the spot price of Changli leading billet factory is up by 80, the price of Tangshan small narrow band unlocking is up by 100, and the guiding price of Hebei Ruifeng and other strip steels is up by 200 to implement 3950 yuan; and then, the willingness to accept goods at high prices is insufficient, and the welded pipe manufacturers have not officially started to participate in the construction. Under this circumstance, the price gradually declined and did not change much before the festival. Some preferential policies for galvanized pipes were withdrawn after the festival. Up to now, the ex-factory price of billet part is 3450; that of Tangshan Ruifeng 355mm series strip steel is 3620; that of Tianjin Youfa New National Standard 4 inch (3.75mm) welded pipe is 3960 yuan, which is the same as the pre-holiday price.

Generally speaking, after the festival, the price rises first and then falls, the momentum of decline accelerates release, the downward trend in the later period may be somewhat improved, the market business operation remains cautious, focusing mainly on supply pressure and downstream demand start-up. It is estimated that the apparent cost of welded pipe in Wuxi area will be weakly adjusted.

价格方面:截至2月15日BC体育游戏,本地友发新国标产1.5寸 (3.25mm)焊管主流报价4130元(吨价BC体育游戏,下同)BC体育游戏,4寸(3.5mm)焊管主流报价4130元,6寸(4mm)焊管主流报价4350元BC体育游戏。
Price: As of February 15, the mainstream price of 1.5 inch (3.25mm) welded pipe produced by local Youfa New National Standard is 4130 yuan (ton price, the same below), 4 inch (3.5mm) welded pipe is 4130 yuan, 6 inch (4mm) welded pipe is 4350 yuan.


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